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Is That True I get 1=3 bonus Log book Hours In My Logbook?

Updated: Mar 16

3 bonus logbook hours If you do 1 hour driving with driving instructors

How to complete your log book?

If you're under the age of 25, you will need to complete 120 hours of supervised driving with a supervisor or licensed driving instructor. There are two ways you can record your hours:

  • the paper log book – given to you when you get your learner licence, or

  • one of the digital log book apps accepted by Transport for NSW and Service NSW.

The only apps Transport for NSW accepts are:

  • L2Plaunch

  • Licence Readylaunch

  • Roundtriplaunch.

When you finish your 120 log book hours, use the app to electronically submit your driving hours to Service NSW. Make sure you do this at least 48 hours before the driving test to ensure your information is transferred.

If you plan to sit the driving test on your 17th birthday, you need to contact and advise you will be submitting your log book on the day of your test.

Exemptions: You do not have to complete a Learner Driver Log Book if you:

  • are 25 or over

  • previously held a NSW or interstate driver licence (other than a learner licence)

  • previously held an overseas licence (other than a learner licence)

  • hold an overseas licence (other than a learner licence) and are issued with a learner licence after failing one driving test

  • are specifically exempted by Transport for NSW.

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Recognising interstate experience If you’ve held a learner licence in another Australian state or territory, we'll recognise the hours you've logged in an interstate learner driver log book. You will need to provide evidence of your driving hours when applying for a NSW learner licence.

3 for 1 bonus hours/ 3 bonus logbook

When you have a structured lesson with a driving instructor, you may be able to record bonus driving time in your log book. This initiative allows you to log multiple hours when a structured driving lesson is completed. Important information:

  • Driving with a licensed NSW driving instructor – you can record triple the time of your lesson in your log book. For example, if you have a 1-hour lesson, you can log 3 hours of driving practice.

  • Applying bonus hours – a maximum of 10 hours with a driving instructor can be applied. This means that you can only log up to 20 bonus hours.

  • Number of lessons you can have – there is no limit to how many lessons you can have with a driving instructor. There is only a limit on the number of bonus hours you can log for those lessons.

  • Driving lessons at night – if you have a driving lesson at night, the bonus hours do not count towards your ‘night driving hours’ in your log book. They can only count as daytime driving hours. Night hours should be the hours between sunset and sunrise. When driving night hours making sure drive around after 7 PM during winter and after 8:30-8:45 PM during summer time.

  • Lessons with an interstate instructor – the 3 for 1 bonus hours only apply when you drive with instructors who are licensed in NSW. If the instructor doesn’t hold a NSW instructor licence, you cannot log the extra driving time.

Who can supervise a learner driver?

To supervise a learner, you must hold a current full Australian driver licence. Both a supervisor and a learner driver can be fined if the supervisor does not have a full Australian licence.

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