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Practice Hazard Perception Test (HPT)

Updated: Oct 26, 2023


15 months, is the validity of HPT. These rules applies for learner drivers who have log book hours under the age of 25 years old. If you are overseas licence holders you may need to pass HPT before you sit for your driver tests. You do not require any set number of hours though to sit for the HPT in NSW.

First, pass DKT computer test. Find articles here:

You can practice for the HPT in three ways.

Firstly, read the HPT book issues by service NSW. Here is the link below:

Secondly, You can practice through the links provided here. These are simulation based questions. More than 100 questions to be practiced from the two links below

Lastly, practice with your real driving on roads. Best Quality driving school practices Hazard Perception during normal driving lessons. Their focus mainly on identifying on road hazards, how to respond and how far before learners need to recognise hazards or risks.

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What is a HPT? The HPT is a computer-based test designed to find out how you react to potential dangers when driving. During the HPT, you use the computer’s touchscreen to show how you respond to real traffic situations, such as if and when you would slow down, overtake, or turn. The HPT is based on the driving situations that lead to the five most common crash types for NSW provisional drivers. More information on these crash types may be found in the section ‘Crash patterns of provisional drivers in NSW’. The purpose of the HPT is to reduce the high level of young driver crashes in NSW by:

• Encouraging new drivers to develop hazard perception skills.

• Testing learner drivers on driving situations that are known to lead to the most common types of crashes involving provisional drivers in NSW.

• Preparing them for solo driving by allowing learner drivers with adequate hazard perception skills to attempt the driving test. Hazards and hazard perception.

There are three basic hazard perception skills assessed in the HPT:

1. Keeping a safe distance from other vehicles

2. Selecting safe gaps

3. Identifying hazards.

To summarise, The Hazard Perception Test consists of 15 clips of real traffic situations to which you will be asked to respond based on instructions given before the clip plays.

This link below here, is where you can book for your HPT with service NSW.

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