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How to get NT driver licences?

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Driver Licences requirements vary each states

Before you apply, you must learn the road rules by: studying the NT Road Users' Handbook and taking a practice theory test enrolling in the DriveSafe NT program.

In Northern Territory, you need to hold learner licences for a minimum of six months.

It varies in other states and territories. For example, in NSW, you need to hold your learner licences for at least 12 months. Other thing may vary is the log book. In NT, learners logbook is optional whereas in NSW it is mandatory for under 25 years old.

Therefore, if you are a Northern Territory (NT) resident and you're at least 16 years old, you can apply for a driver licence.

To apply for a driver licence, you must also be a Motor Vehicle Registry (MVR) customer. To become a customer, you must go to an MVR office with evidence of your identity and NT residency.

Provisional licence period:

The period of your provisional licence depends on your age:

  • if you're under 25 - you will receive a two-year provisional licence

  • if you're 25 and over - you will receive a one-year provisional licence.

How to book:

If you're not enrolled in DriveSafe NT, you will need to pay them a practical driving test fee.

You may need to book your driving test through the Authorised driving examiners who are approved through the Registrar of Motor Vehicles.

Recording the test:

During the test, a camera will be used to record:

  • the road environment in front of the car

  • you and your driving examiner inside the vehicle.

To ensure that driving tests are conducted to the required standard, the authorised driving examiner must record all driving tests. Your driving examiner is required to hold on to the recording for up to 6 months following your driving test.

Interstate Transfer:

If you've moved to NSW from another Australian state or territory, you can only drive in NSW on an interstate licence for 3 months. After that period you'll need to visit a service centre and apply to transfer your licence to a NSW driver licence.

Best Quality Driving School helps you convert interstate licences. We also assist you for your driving tests in NSW if you may require.

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