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Driving Licences from Tasmania

Updated: May 16, 2023

Driver Licence varies every states

If you are currently the holder of a Tasmanian L1 licence you will remain on that licence until you have held the licence for a minimum of three continuous months.

If you are not already doing so, you need to record your driving hours in a learner logbook now. This will ensure that you are building up your supervised driving hours in your logbook and are prepared to sit the P1 Driving Assessment once eligible.

Once the three months has passed you can apply to the Department to progress to an L2 licence. Applications can be made online. You will need to provide a brief statement on your practical driving experience as an L1 licence holder.

You will not have to complete an L2 Practical Driving Assessment to progress from an L1 licence to an L2 licence. You will have to hold an L2 licence for a period of nine continuous months before you can attempt a P1 Practical Driving Assessment.

Before attempting a P1 Practical Driving Assessment it is strongly recommended you log 80 logbook hours (including 15 night-hours) in the combined learner stage (L1 and L2). This is consistent with previously announced changes to the eligibility requirements for the P1 Driving Assessment which are expected to be implemented from December 2020.

About booking a provisional driving assessment

You can take your provisional driving assessment with a:

You cannot take your P1 driving assessment with an assessor that taught you during your Learner licensing stage.

Can I book?

You must:

  • have held you L2 licence for 9 continuous months

  • have completed 50 logbook hours

  • ensure your supervisory driver has verified your logged hours and signed the statutory declaration in the middle of the logbook.

If you held an L1 licence when changes were introduced in December 2020, please visit Plates Plus for more information.

Before going for the Test:

  • compulsory 80 logbook hours, including 15 at night

  • a total ban on mobile phone use - including hands-free and speaker mode during the learner and P1 stages

  • new maximum speed limits of 90km/h for learners and 100km/h for P1 licence holders. There is no change to speed limits for P2 drivers who can still drive up to the posted limit

  • restricting P1 drivers under 25 years from carrying more than one peer passenger (first 12 months of the provisional period). This will only apply to passengers between the age of 16 and 21 years and exemptions will apply for employment, essential activities and for special family circumstances

  • requirement to display green P plates in the P2 stage

  • L1 licence holders will be able to sit their P1 assessment after holding the licence for 12 continuous months.

Interstate Transfer:

If you've moved to NSW from another Australian state or territory, you can only drive in NSW on an interstate licence for 3 months. After that period you'll need to visit a service centre and apply to transfer your licence to a NSW driver licence.

Best Quality Driving School helps you convert interstate licences. We also assist you for your driving tests in NSW if you may require.

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