Driving Test Routes, Pass Ps first go

Updated: Apr 8

Practice driving in test routes is very important and helpful. There are few road. conditions exists which needs to be familiar with before driving tests.

  • There are a number of test routes under one Service NSW locations due to a number of tests happening during same time.

  • All our driving instructors are test routes friendly say Penrith High Street, Howell Oval Mobile Test, St Marys new test location.

  • To Pass Ps test you need to be familiar with similar road conditions, traffic.

  • Practice driving more and more.

  • Know road rules, round abouts, traffic lights well.

  • Familiar with Driving Test Preparation guide found in Google Service NSW website.

  • Be ready to identify Hazards and Response quickly.

  • Know your car you are driving on the test day beforehand.

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